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“Manager ”
Former Employee – Manager in Birmingham, England
I worked at SCC
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook
No opinion of CEO
Learn how not to do things the right way. Small number of genuine nice people.
Theres quite a lot of negative reviews on here and I’m afraid my opinion is no different. On boarding process needs to be looked at, I spent my first two weeks watching someone show me how not to do my job. When finally my equipment arrived, it was of a very poor warn standard.
The morale within operation centre is probally at its all time low, most of the better staff with initiatives are currently seeking exit plans or already left! The senior management within this area use Unprofessional dictatorship styles to mange their staff. The staff turnaround rate for the operation center must be quite high. Anyone seen not to agree with new initiative or processes, who have valid reasons to disagree are seen as trouble makers. Time and time again, I’ve seen employees been treated unfairly, unreasonable expectations set, and eventually manged out the company unjustified. Scare monger tactics from management which is backed by HR allows SCC to do this.
Opportunity also is hard to come by, you can be a top performer, glowing references off your customers, achieve all your KPI’s and objectives but it seems SCC don’t reward staff on merit. If you look at the current senior management, quite a few of them have been awarded senior roles without any kind of interview process.
The building is in a very poor condition and also the area located in Birmingham has a extremely high crime rate. In my time there was a female colleague who was sexually assaulted on her way back to her car (some of the car park is not on private land). Also a car jacking accross the road at head quaters.
And finally I must mention the inadequate head counts in each department and quality of staff left is affecting their ability to meet contractual agreements and obligations. Sla stats can be modified and alot of the time was to avoid financial penalties meaning a lot of the reporting the customer and I received was inaccurate.Show Less
Advice to Management
Please start conducting exit interviews. Understand why all the better staff are leaving. Reward on merit. Review current management structure and hire external company to come speak to existing staff with no come backs on how you can improve you organisation. You will be surprise of how many good staff you don’t reconise. You need to start making SCC a employer of choice not employer of hell.

“A ex managers perspective. ”
Current Employee – Customer Manager in Nottingham, England
I have been working at SCC full-time (More than 3 years)
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook
Disapproves of CEO
Help the company a few times avoid looking silly by being forced to lie to customers by making up random excuses, actually i used against SCC to book my due and usually over due annual leave!.
*Loss of life
*No career progression
*No pay rises
*Demanding management
*Unrealistic targets
*Bully counseling meetings
*Demand overtime (3 hours in this time they will not pay out as they say its free traveling)
*Trackers on the vans, they watch your every move
*Trackers on the PDA systems, they watch your every move in your house!
*Management use their trusted random excuse/lie generator to lie to customers
*Tax dodging
*Plenty of dissatisfied customers
*Plenty of dissatisfied current and ex staff
*Not a single… Show More
Advice to Management
Keep doing what your doing and say goodbye to your dignity and forgiveness from the almighty.

Former Employee – Anonymous Employee in Slough, Berkshire, South East England, England
I worked at SCC full-time (More than 3 years)
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook
If you are willing to con/lie to customers do manual closure and ask for no pay rise work 24/7 without getting paid any overtime – if you are one of the lucky ones then you might get paid flat rate 3 month later. You must have no life willing to be a cleaner courier and work with rodents you will be promoted to OTL and be used like a disposable toilet tissue. OTLs have no say in anything if you are nice OTL you get kicked out very quicklyShow Less
No training no pay rise treated like dirt no respect.
OTLs (operation team leaders) are used to do the dirty work beat these poor engineers oops couriers cleaners and give false promises – what normally happens they pick up anybody with no qualification or experience and use them for 2 years- people then get fed-up and leave.
SCC has one of the highest staff turnovers in the UK even at 16% that is very high.

Is this because of the high standards of slavery yes!!!!Show Less
Advice to Management
You think people are stupid to believe the five star reviews are true, everyone who worked for this bad company knows how ruthless this management and the owners are. I can only describe them as criminals they take advantage of vulnerable people provide the worst customer service they only win contracts because they are cheap but when customers realize how bad the service is they leave when a big company wants to terminate a contract with SCC, SCC run the contract on a loss to keep them so they can market SCC if they are good enough for a big company they good enough for other companies sadly a lots of companies have been stung in the past and currentlyShow Less

Current Employee – Distributed Support Engineer in Croydon, England
I have been working at SCC
Doesn’t Recommend
Negative Outlook
Disapproves of CEO
It has been noticed and noted that the SCC company have in past couple of month been trying to counter the negative reviews made by current and past employees concerning the treatment of staff and business practices. There have been reviews from October, November & ongoing, sourcing, all or most from SCC HQ in Birmingham area, giving 100% positive remarks to up the % of the company’s, Knowing what i know and have seen the practices, the reaming reviews of previous employees & current of SCC. These negative remarks i can echo and reaffirm as true. Which had already been said on glassdoor , as it is cross the country broad and wide.
Across the board all that is said as cons are all true from those that where brave enough to make a comment and that know of glassdoor website . Where past and present employees can make comments of company’s around the globe about there employers, company’s and other public domain websites.

Company’s are measured performance not only on the service that may be given but also may be time sensitive, known as SLA (service level agreement), this is a binding contract or agreement to provide services in parallel with allotted time, so it is time sensitive work. Therefore a binding legal contract between SCC and the customers. This is a common rule in the service industry of IT.

It has already been mentioned a number times on reviews on glassdoor, that these agreements or contracts have been broken or breached through illegitimate means of using technology as a tool of wrongdoings, for profit and gain, moving goal post as a quote by others. Time is a constant, but with the aid of a digital world and computers they are able to edit time, data, fact and figures to become a variable like a radio tuner so times, data fit within untrue times and dates. This would be done front line over the phone, remotely or behind the scenes & onsite. Via the groups international call-center based in Romania, where staff there are trained in how to manipulate edit figures & data making a square pegs fit into round ones, cost saving exercise to makeup of the company’s low resources & bridging gaps through these methods.Show Less
1 Don’t have to pay contract penalties fines to the customers for calls falling out of SLA, which goes toward.s profits and gain. Which is substantial over the years.

2. Don’t have to employ correct amount of staff or resources to do jobs, hence limited existing staff would have to be stretch wide and thinly across the country, having to be forced and bullied to do so. Covering long miles to service the customers. Ignoring health & safety concerns.

3. How can so few staff do so much work in a short time, never mind to do the jobs assigned. Considering the amount of customers to service for which are considerable amount and the geography to be covered by the field staff. Getting the most out of the few, using the above.

4. Then on the flip side the staff would be hit with the same statistics stick that they break themselves, when company want you to go further and longer without breaks to do more jobs under compromised and wrong methods. If you complained it would be escalated.

5. Avoids paying huge fines back to the customer for missing SLA,s. Which is linked to the SLA and time and services given to the customers. These saved SLA,s fines are artificially saved via the above practices, and all go towards mass profits.

6. They close calls manually over the phone giving untrue data and times and say that the PDA is not working, when it actually is, but exercises like these are used commonly. I could go on.

7. Ordering parts to calls when not needed to mitigate a job to give more time for a fix, when it cannot be fixed first time.

8. As described staffs ETA would be edited and modified, with or without the staff on the field knowing, which in essence compromises that persons actual where about. Seconds, minutes, hours forgotten and days lost, using electronic editing on their systems.

9. Sometimes managers and call-center behind the scenes would manipulate onsite times even though that staff members still travelling would be over a hour away from site, call-center would put them as onsite on the system, even though not there yet. Therefore to save the SLA time.

10. Staff would be compromised by using these methods in proving their actual whereabouts, the company declare them as missing or unknown whereabouts, as the system can be edited, time and resources can be deleted from jobs. A lot happens behind the scene. Hours become minutes or even lost. Playing god with the clock and employee’s hours.

11. The existing staff would often be called on their days off to help the already low resources which was impossible to maintain the SLA through normal means without the company editing the data and the clock, using technology to backdate adjust to make it look like jobs where done within time or SLA, which was always false.

12. The SLA is time sensitive variable in which is how most companies are measured and service their customers for a financial return. This in affect is manipulated for financial benefits, in running a business within its own means leaner and low costs in employing lower number of employees.

13. The customers range from private to public domains, infrastructure to name a few, backbone to the IT systems to which puts its trust and finances towards as part of trusted contracts.

14. At the end of the day they are customers of SCC & connected practices are a public concern.

15. In using the above practices, they are able to outbid any competitors for their business from these customers, by providing a service for less money through unethical means as described above. This in affect is an unfair and is not level playing field with competitors of the same area.

16. Unfair for people looking for work that is required to do through normal means. Being told that no jobs available, this is untrue as there is more actual physical work available than what is declared to the outside world and how the work is really fulfilled. It may be mentioned that staff would have to travel far and wide to get to destinations (numbers do not add up, figures are fudged).

This continues with the company business and treatment of its staff

1. Sending staff to jobs without specified & required training or know how to work on customers equipment, as the kit with warranty would be void if not qualified, but this would be ignored by the managers and call-centers. Therefore to pretend they know what to do when they actually don’t, hence doing more damage than good.

2. The call-centers help-desk in Romania proving a so called assistance to the staff in the field wasn’t able and not fit for purpose in helping as they didn’t know what they were doing from lack of training themselves.

3. Editing & playing god with timelines of the customers and staffs data & figs.

4. Enforcing half hour lunches when it should be an hour, within long days.

5. Being told not to have lunch, ushered along to do more calls with little rest.

6. Using bullying tactics to or-castrate the company’s low resource in ratio with the amount of work and coverage to get there, therefore bridging gaps. Hence fudging the figures, to get end goal under artificial means.

7. Using the groups call-center in Romania to or-castrate its staff via managers and OTL, s (operational team leaders) to manipulate data, facts, figures, and times.

8. complaints would be compromised and spun and with a pressure point in counter of anything said about the above, hr & managements, otl,s biased against what may be said or produced by staff against the company.

9. To the point where a hatchet man may be employed to deal with you if you are non-flexible or not co-operative with the company practices, asking to many questions raised of the company, ex-police or army persons employed to deal with you. Using their past resource against you.

10. If you are non-compliant with what you are told to do, you are deemed a problem and life would be made difficult for you, if you rub shoulders with the right people and do as you are told its all good, but to work a lie on this scale makes not just company of bad practices but you are assisting them with it all, that doesn’t deem well with me.

11. Is this an exclusive, or is it a well-known practice.

12. Being told to do something that is said to be ok, as quote a “unwritten rule” , which in affect is compromising you at a later date, this is a inbuilt pressure point or entrapment practice. Example of this is claiming expenses, There is a file on everyone.

13. you may find yourself in a room compromised witnesses or representation. Hushed up with a counter complaint about you, with goals to scare you.

14. Contract says that you are entitled to a annual appraisal, this never happens in reality. But your always ignored in real time anyway of any issues or concerns you may have.

15. I could go on, just the tip of the ice burg, iam afraid to say.

16. With what has been said, not just by me, but also others saying similar issues, practices and treatment within the company. Without me saying on what this activity is called, i will leave it with readers to make an onion on what that is, but i and others have experienced and seen the same.

17. Managers do not practice what they preach, data protection rules broken.Show Less
Advice to Management
If i have to give advice to which is not my job to, but here it goes.

The above is well known practices, even though poorly defended as a unknown from top to tail, this is true and is well practiced for company’s and groups advantages as described briefly.

We are all human, if cut we all bleed red, treat people like human beings, rights to do business the right way. Listen to staff when things are bad or wrong. Conscious is a terrible thing to live and sleep at night with. Mines clean how’s yours. To treat people badly as described is not cricket, is stating it mildly.
Employs the right quantity of staff to do jobs, not short cutting society for actual jobs that are available, this is a concern for a more than one reasons for the public for starters. Therefore providing a business service with low resource than the norm.
Don’t treat staff like criminals when they come with concerns about the company.
Like a famous quote from a well know super hero, (spider man) with great power comes with great responsibility.
There’s no point in giving advice to the management because it’s well re-hurts activity with clauses in place with excuses to cover-up. Its all part of the same mechanical wheel, top to tail.
Many fingers in many pies, all bases are covered .Show Less